Before we begin, I need to make a few confessions…

There is nothing I love more than sourcing hardware.

  • I collect handles, hooks, and hinges and store them in a velvet-lined box. Ok, it’s not actually velvet-lined, yet!
  • I can be possessive over my samples; I do police them and know where they are constantly.
  • If you asked me to pick a favourite, I couldn’t choose. Each is special in its own right.
  • I love to handle my handles, gentle or firm; I need to know exactly how it feels.
  • When I am out, whether visiting friends, staying in a hotel or eating out, I ALWAYS scan the room to see what hardware they have used. I long to touch something that I haven’t touched before.

Here are 12 little wall cuties that will pique your interest and make you swoon!

Hopefully, you’ve been inspired to elevate the everyday hook to an everyday look!

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